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Your smile provides a first impression to individuals. Everybody loves a bright white smile, and there are now wide variety of products and procedures available to help improve the look of your smile.

With so many teeth whitening products, procedures and dentists to choose from, people have a difficult time selecting the right one. It is important to get the right information before opting for any kind of teeth whitening treatment.

Bangkok Tooth Whitening aims to provide basic information before selecting the your chosen tooth whitening option in Thailand.  Find information about various brands of teeth whitening available in Thailand, why individuals whiten their teeth, post care instructions after having tooth whitening and other Frequently Asked Questions related to having teeth whitening done.

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Thailand Teeth Whitening Clinics

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Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed

Zoom Teeth Whitening is one of the most popular and commonly done in-office teeth whitening treatment in Thailand as well as around the world. Zoom tooth whitening gel is a patented product from the USA by Phillips.

Our teeth whitening dental clinics in Thailand is a preferred zoom whitening. We use the latest Zoom Advance whitening accelerator units and genuine Zoom WhiteSpeed whitening gels, teeth shades may possibly be increased up to eight shades. A pre and post teeth shade comparison is normally done by youre teeth whitening dentists so you are able to view the changes in teeth shades.

Philips WhiteSpeed Zoom QuickPro

Philips Zoom Quickpro

Philips has also recently released its Zoom Quickpro teeth whitening system that is a whitening varnish painted over patient’s teeth whilst at the dentist’s office. Zoom Quickpro whitening gel is applied taking around 10 mintues in one application. After 30 minutes, the patient brushes or wipes off the varnish.

Zoom Quickpro whitenining is a quick alternative to the full Zoom WhiteSpeed system. Quickpro results are however more subtle with studies showing up to 4 shades increase compared to up to 8 shades incresae with Zoom WhiteSpeed teeth whitening system.

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