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BriteSmile Tooth Whitening

Types of Teeth Whitening Methods

BriteSmile Tooth Whitening

The BriteSmile Tooth Whitening System gives customers peace-of-mind with a blue-light technology that is safe, effective and gentle.

The patented BriteSmile light is works togheter with a tooth whitening gel that accelerates the tooth whitening process. This blue light has been clinically proven to be safe on tooth enamel as well as skin, gums, and other soft tissues with and no harmful UV (ultraviolet) light.

BriteSmile’s tooth whitening gel contains a low-level active ingredient and is buffered at a near-neutral pH value that is compatible with your tooth enamel. The tooth whitening gel also contains other ingredients such as glycerin and highly purified water to prevent tooth dehydration and to further ensure safety.

The tooth whitening gel is specifically engineered to respond to the blue wavelengths of the BriteSmile tooth whitening blue-light system. When the blue-light illuminates the tooth whitening gel, it activates and safely accelerates the tooth whitening process, achieving white teeth results in about one hour.

Beyond cool light tooth whitening is an alternative to BriteSmile that utilizes gas plasma light in accelarating the tooth whitening process.

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BriteSmile Tooth Whitening