Types of Teeth Whitening Methods

Philips Zoom Whitespeed – Advance Zoom Teeth Whitening

Philips Zoom Whitespeed Teeth Whitening systems is an latter version of Zoom teeth whitening using LED light technologies.

Philips Zoom Whitespeed has been indicated as one of the top teeth whitening system used globally. On Philips Oral Healthcare acquirement of Discus Dental, the Zoom whitening system was thus re-branded as Zoom Advance Power and as Philips Zoom Whitespeed.

Philips Zoom Whitespeed teeth whitening gel is scientifically formulated gentle whitening agent aimed at removing stains and discoloration from teeth.


How does Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed Tooth Whitening works?

Philips Zoom Whitespeed teeth whitening machine is an improved LED light based lamp. The blue LED light activates and accelerates the patented teeth whitening gel’s active ingredient, Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) that whitens discolorations within the tooth structure. Teeth whitening effects and results are thus visible in just one visit taking about 45 mintues (excluding disccussion and preparation).

What is the difference between Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed and Zoom Teeth whitening?

The Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed is the successor to Zoom teeth whitening treatment. The improved Zoom Advanced Power LED light and Zoom Whitespeed gel has shown to provide improved color whitening shades results as well as less transient tooth sensitivity.

A standard Zoom Whitespeed kit includes a syringe of Relief® ACP Oral Care Gel to manage sensitivity compatible with the Zoom WhiteSpeed, Zoom2 , Zoom AP and Zoom AP Plus Lamps. With the Relief ACP gel, survey studies by Philips claims patients experience little to no sensitivity.