Types of Teeth Whitening Methods

Laser Tooth Whitening

Is it genuine laser tooth whitening?

The common types of laser teeth whitening machines in Thailand include LaserSmile and Opus10. Machines with similar names such as Laserase are actually NOT laser machines. Its good practice to check the band of your dentist’s machines brands before having your laser tooth whitening treatment.

The light that is generated during laser tooth whitening should be RED in color and NOT BLUE. Laser machines are normally of a higher investment costs (costing about a million baht) to dentists relative to cool light or plasma arc machines.

Do be wary of clinics in Thailand who may market their blue light tooth whitening machines as ‘truly’ laser teeth whitening, but in actuality are using a normal plasma arc machines in passing off as laser tooth whitening.

Brands of laser teeth whitening

The two popular brands of laser teeth whitening is LaserSmile and Opus10. The LaserSmile teeth whitening system is manufactured by Biolase Technology, while Opus10 is developed by Lumenis.

Does laser produce a heating effect on the teeth being whitened?

One of the most common misconception of laser teeth whitening is the concern on a heating effect laser light has whilst having laser teeth whitening done. However, practically, during the laser teeth whitening process, a heating effect is avoided because the laser light is only exposed to a few teeth and very briefly (about 15 seconds) at a each time.

Cosmetic laser teeth whitening can give a healthier, younger and more vibrant smile.

Laser Tooth Whitening
Laser Tooth Whitening